How to install clean rom gpd xd plus

How to install clean rom gpd xd plus

NET disclaimer. Click to read. So for whatever reason you are here, welcome. I will try to break this down to the most basic instructions and also offer up a short PRO form of the tutorial for those more experienced users. Right click your zips and click on "Extract Here".

Find DriverInstall. This is just to clear out old drivers if we have them installed already. This way we get the newest with the old driver cleared out. This will have an. You should see it display Loading firmware You will get verification of this when the Box with a 1 in it turns green [Shown on video- time: ].

The Box with 1 in it will start flashing white and yellow and show the progress right below it. Wait until it is finished. Please buy him a beer if you can spare it by clicking here. My recommendation will always be LegacyRombut the truth is not all users will need or want LegacyRom. I will try and break it down as best as I can. The methods for installing new Stock Firmware or Legacy Rom are easy and with minimal risk.

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Try them out see what you like. Have fun with it. If you have any more questions just ask here or at the following links:. Just bricked your GPD! OMG halp. Download RockChip Driver Assistant. Download RockChip Batch Tool. This is just to be safe- if you stop mid-installation you may brick your device. Then you will have to charge your device and do it over again anyway. Set up a project folder with all your downloads in it.

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Run Batch Tool. Load the Rom. That should be it - Enjoy.Boards Rules Help Wiki Donate. Black-Seraph came through as expected. I have replaced my S8LightRom with his on my website for everyone to download. This is his site, please look it over for rom info. He will take that task on when he creates his LineageOS port. There is no ETA on the new rom because there are too many factors in play.

You will always find the latest build here : Download ROM Instructions for install are at the bottom. Very good so far, look forward to seeing what else he can do.

VoLAN Posts: PsyOps so you recommend to install this ROM instead of yours? What is the difference? Sorry for my English.

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Yes Volan I would. Its much much cleaner and better. Go with CleanRom. Sousaptak Posts: I've been using this since Sunday afternoon, only messed around with the general setup and SNES and Megadrive but is very good rom, fast and lightweight and stable so far. Thrush Posts: I have a few questions on the matter. How do You install it?

When You install it do You loose everything You installed previously and have to start over from scratch again??? Also will it finally play games like Battle Supremacy were Your system has to have open gl 3. You can try installing over your current rom leave userdata. It may cause problems with google play services. I would just start from scratch.

But has unlocked CPU not like stock. Quote from: Thrush on July 03,pm. I think I will just leave mi ne alone then. It has the lightrom.

[ROM] LegacyROM Kitkat for GPD XD

Jenova Posts: I have a problem with Nvram warnings in WiFi connection. Any ideas? Sent from my Honor View 10 using Tapatalk. I tried going back to Clean Rom version 0 and 0. Looks like it comes from using the "format and download" option in SP Flash Tool. I had to use that because my flash failed due to connection breaking. Did anyone find a way to fix it?

For sure something to watch out for if a flash fails for any reason.Voir le deal. Just select it with the gamepad application the one you use to change between xbox and ps3 modes.

how to install clean rom gpd xd plus

No matter which you come from 2- If you come from the previous LegacyROM: -I have noticed a bug in my rom, but fortunately can be solved. The bug is important: my rom doesn't allow to update via microSD or come back to stock via this way. And that's it. Sorry for the inconvenience. It's everything automatical. After the update SuperSU will probably ask you to update binaries. Just update them using normal option. Very conservative governor for not demading apps All other governors from stock kernel are included too and interactive is still the default one.

Also for Reicast o nintendo64 is advisable to use latest builds or nightlies. The app gamepad has some bug with certain languages and can show mode PSP or Android. About Overclock: overclock improves device speed, but battery life will be a bit worse. It's up to you. An example with geekbench 3 reliable benchmark 1,4 ghz: 1,8 ghz: Instalation: Method 1 sugessted though it makes a full erase of the device : Install RK drivers included and open BatchTool, and choose the img file you want to install.

BatchTool should recognize device and show a green box. Rename the Legacy file to update. Place it in root of internal or external memory. If you notice something weird using this methos a factory reset is recommenden or reinstall using method 1. Installation: Methode 1 suggerer pour un effacement total du peripherique : Installer le RK drivers inclus et ouvrez BatchTool, et choisissez le fichier img que vous voulez installer.With each update comes fixes or optimizations to the firmware which allows you to operate a more stable device.

Some updates may even offer new features. Set up a folder to keep the files organized. You may want to store them as a backup in case you may need them later. Starting the install process:. If you still have problems try and update your SP Flash Tool. GPD's version may need to be updated. Halfway down the page there is a small tutorial :. Install the drivers and try again. Summary Fresh firmware install? Update firmware? Preparation Make sure you read over site disclaimer. Make sure it is a good wire.

Any break in the flash process can brick your device. View the attached video at least once before you follow the tutorial. If you have trouble installing the drivers you may have to disable signature verification before you install drivers.

Upper right side Tap OK to allow. Easy Tutorial for beginners Set up a folder to keep the files organized. This will avoid any problems with the program running properly.

If you want to save your data and just update firmware then uncheck the " userdata " checkbox. First Method : Make sure the drop down box is in " Download Only". No special button combination is needed. Install will begin immediately. You are done! Disable signature verification if needed Using "Scatter-loading file" option, load your firmware. Deselect "userdata" checkbox if you are upgrading,or keep it selected it if you want a full fresh install. Use " Download Only" and click "Download".

Connect usb. No special button combination needed, just connect.NET disclaimer.

how to install clean rom gpd xd plus

Click to read. This is a collection of guides that will help the new user optimize the GPD XD to get the best emulation, setup for easy backup and restore maintenance, safely overclock the cpu, and prepare the device for easy tweaks and mods.

Every tutorial was written and recorded to show each and every step to make the process as smooth as it can be. Once you are done you will have a fully optimized, bloatless firmware that is overclocked safely all thanks to skelton and his Legacy Rom 1. This will set your foundation up for the best emulating android device. I will add a small guide for this when I get a chance. I do not know if there are any restrictions on size for TWRP. CWM does have a size restriction and you must use a 32GB card or smaller card.

If you need more info on Legacy Rom you can read this guide herebut the basic idea is that it is a clean, optimized, custom firmware that runs at a faster speed than stock rom. If you do not have access to a PC there is another method to install Legacy Rom 1.

It is only suggested if you have no other choice and no access to a PC, only because it installs over your current rom and is considered a "dirty" install.

GPD XD+ Firmware

Your data will stay intact if you do not do a factory reset. I do suggest you do a factory reset right after updating so that everything gets reset and there are no conflicts with installing one rom on another.

But you will lose your user data. What does this mean? Just use the install step. You will follow the rest of the guide on other steps.

If you installed Legacy Rom using method 2 - I suggest you factory reset at this point. Flashing, making backups, restoring and flashing roms with TWRP Recovery require you to boot into recovery mode.

That may not be a big problem for some, but having the ability to do it from your home screen is just sweet. Why not pamper yourself? TWRP Manager works as a. Kernel Aduitor is a cpu control app that will help you manage your speeds easily by placing toggles on your home screen. Toggling your speeds when you need it will improve your battery life.

Kernel Aduitor will also toggle your speeds down when it boots in case you leave it at a high freq. This will help you install and configure Kernel Aduitor to create a widget to toggle your cpu speeds right from your android homescreen. You will now make a fresh backup with your foundation setup.

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If you ever need something to fall back on you will at least have this backup. From here on out you can start loading your emulators, game roms, launchers, tweaks, and mods.

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Everytime you feel comfortable with your system back it up and maybe even put a copy on your PC for that added security. There should be no excuse for not making a backup from here on out because of how easy TWRP Managers makes it. My main goal for this site was just to gather all references and resources in one place to make it easiest on the new or novice user.

These tutorials are broken down to the very basic steps.Boards Rules Help Wiki Donate. I don't share this ROM at this forum and don't have any kind of my support from me.

Reason, some shops have been lucrating with my job, and I don't like that. Panja Posts: Are you serious?!? This is so very welcome! Many thanks skelton. I will give this a try pretty soon. One question though Not trying to be a smart ass or trying to be rude in any way! But why 3 versions? I could just download the 1. If I don't want my clock to go over 1. Or am I mistaken?

RAM might blow up or at least shorten the lifespan of my beloved XD Quote from: Panja on March 26,pm. Quote from: eragon on March 26,pm. Quote from: skelton on March 26,pm. Good stuff. Gunbuster Posts: Very very nice, that is exactly what my XD needed, a slight increase in cpu power and everything feels a lot smoother now.

Plus Nexus 5 spoofing is ingenious; I can finally access my legally bought games without messing with apks. Thank you soo much! Elronza Williams Jr. Posts: Thanks Skelton for all of the many years of hardwork you've put into Android. Swift recovery to you my brother!

OutRun Posts: What does this mean for games on PSP?? Does it mean it can now run them with no speed issues?TWRP recovery is considered to be one of the important contributions from the active developer community that Android has. This open-source custom recovery is in wide usage around the world. You can simply follow the guide given here. Once you have installed, you can flash the Super SU or Magisk to root your device very quickly. Before flashing recovery, please read and install the required drivers and software on your PC.

TWRP Recovery v3. Download SuperSU Zip. Download Magisk Zip. In fact, it is not true at all. This means you are removing the restrictions and limitations from your Android Phone or Tablet to perform unperformable tasks. Make sure to download either SuperSU or Magisk to root your phone. Any queries, you can leave a comment down below. Source: Link. I started my career as a blogger in and also worked on an Android niche platform to gain extra income. For more info, Please read our privacy policy before submitting your comment.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Check Popular Post. Mohammed Huwais. Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube.

how to install clean rom gpd xd plus

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